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    • A political history of Kenya 

      Prof. Mwaruvie, John (Nordic Journal of African Studies, 1994)
      Kenya is a country of diversity just like USA. It has varied cultures and traditions. Kenya has 42 ethnic groups, Plus migrant races, whites, Asians and Arabs but have lived peacefully except last year (2008) when post ...
    • Political Party Cooperation in Post­election as Ethnic Tensions (Kenyan Case) 

      Prof. Mwaruvie, John (MOST Ethno­Net publication: Anthropology of Africa, 1999)
      In most African states, general elections generate a lot of ethnic tensions. This is because most parties are ethnic­based or receive support from certain ethnic groups. When a party loses in an election, it is excluded ...
    • The Ten Miles Coastal strip: An Examination of the Intricate Nature of Land Question at Kenyan Coast 

      Prof. Mwaruvie, John (International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2011-12)
      In 1886, the Anglo-German Treaty was signed between Britain and Germany to determine their spheres of influence in East Africa. Since none of them wanted to be in direct conflict with the sultan of Zanzibar, they decided ...