Recent Submissions

  • Sample size for a randomized paired screen positive design 

    Kinyanjui, Josphat k.; Keter, ALfred K.; Otieno, R. Argwings (JP Journal of Biostatistics, 2012-03)
    The design of epidemiologic studies for the validation of screening tests necessitates accurate sample size calculations to allow for the estimation of relative measures of accuracy within a specified level of precision ...
  • Information matrices for non-maximal parameter subsystems for second-degree mixture experiments 

    Kinyanjui, Josphat k.; Koske, Joseph K.; Mutiso, John M.; Cherutich, Mike R. (American Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (Open Access Journal), 2012-12)
    Many practical problems are associated with the investigation of mixture of m factors, assumed to influence the response through the proportions in which they are blended together. More often, the primary concern of the ...
  • Garch modelling in share prices for specific companies in Kenya 

    Kinyanjui, Josphat k.; Mutiso, John M.; Omar, Latifa s. (American Journal of Mathematical Science and Applications, 2013-06)
    The Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (GARCH) models of volatility that were introduced by Engle (1982) and Bollerslev (1986) are specifically designed to capture the volatility clustering of ...