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    • Cutting with Words: Kick out Corruption with Swahili Proverbs 

      Mwangi, L.; Maitaria, J.N. (African Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (AJHSS), 2019)
      Corruption is a thorny issue that has (and still) is being discussed by the people and features prominently in social media: not a single day passes without it being mentioned either openly or in secrecy. In Kenya and in ...
    • Water Resources and Management under Increasing Urban Demography: A Kenyan Perspective—A Review 

      Ondigo, Deziline Adhiambo; Kebwaro, Jeremiah; Kavoo, Agnes Mumo (Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 2018)
      The United Nations classifies Kenya as a water-scarce country since it has less than 1000 m3 per capita of renewable freshwater supplies. Numerous factors including global warming, contamination of drinking water, and a ...