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    • Dynamics of agricultural use differentially affect soil properties and crop response in East African wetlands 

      Kamiri, Hellen; Kreye, Christine; Becker, Mathias (Springer Science, 2013)
      Agricultural land use changes differen- tially affect soil fertility and crop production potential of wetlands. We studied East African wetlands with contrasting hydro-geological characteristics (high- and lowland floodplains ...
    • Effect of management and soil moisture regimes on wetland soils total carbon and nitrogen in Tanzania 

      Kamiri, Hellen; Kreye, Christine; Becker, Mathias (Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2013)
      Wetland soils play an important role as storage compartments for water, carbon and nutrients. These soils implies various conditions, depending on the water regimes that affect several important microbial and physical-chemical ...
    • SWEA-Dataveg – vegetation of small wetlands in East Africa 

      Kamiri, Hellen; Miguel, Alvarez; Bodo, Maria Möseler; Josko, Matthias; Becker, Mathias; Langensiepen, Matthias; Gunter, Menz; Beate, Böhme; Oyieke, Helida; Handa, Collins; Misana, Salome; Mwita, Emiliana; Mogha, Neema; Sakané, Nomé (2015-09-30)
      SWEA (agricultural use and vulnerability of small wetlands in East Africa) is a multidisciplinary project which task is to evaluate the effects of land use on the ecological and socio-economical functions of small wetlands ...